We pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of standardized, quality products

Our products are designed to surpass the strength standards set by KEBS for precast concrete products

We manufacture a variety of precast concrete products for use in residential, industrial, commercial and public infrastructure.

Installation Services

We also offer professional installation services.


We make it easy for customers to do business with us.

Our highly mechanized production process employs some of the latest technology available in the precast concrete industry, giving us the ability to customize our products and guarantee the quality of our products. Our staff are experienced professionals in the production of precast concrete products, and we have taken them through rigorous, specialized training in the use of our production plant technology and product quality management. We work closely with each client to understand their needs so that we can develop efficient, affordable solutions that best suit their needs. We are one of the Cabro Companies in Kenya


We simplify the business process as much as possible. We have incorporated world class systems to ensure exceptional customer experience.


Quality Control

Each block takes mixing, molding, curing and cubing to be produced, with each stage requiring constant monitoring for quality control. Raw materials are weighed electronically, the water content in sand and gravel measured with ultrasonic sensors and temperature of water controlled to the fraction of a degree. Without these controls strictly in place to ensure each block is the exact right measurement and strength a project can turn into an extremely costly disaster.

Paving blocks

Block paving, or brick paving, is commonly used for constructing pavements, patios, driveways and so on. It is may be used due to its decorative aesthetic, ease of installation, and the fact that the bricks or blocks allow for easy remedial work by removing and replacing those that are necessary.

Hollow Pots

Hollow blocks are often used to build large structures like boundary fences. The reduced volume of concrete used to make each block adds up to a significant savings in cost for the materials for the whole wall. Their lighter weight also makes them easier to lift

Road Kerbs

By delineating the edge of the pavement, they separate the road from the roadside and discourage drivers from parking or driving on sidewalks and lawns. They also provide structural support to the pavement edge. Curbs can be used to channel runoff water from rain or melted snow and ice into storm drains.

Paving Slabs

Paving slabs are bedded in a mortar mix with four parts sharp sand to one part cement. Starting in one corner of the sub-base area (at the highest point), lay about 60mm of mortar on top of the sub-base. Carefully lift the first slab and lay it on top of the mortar.

Inverted Block Drain

Our inverted block drainage mold are built with high quality material, by a high quality experienced team to give them their professional quality finish